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SKU: StorageLoader LTO

Drive Technology: LTO 4 5 6
Number of Drives: 1
Number of Cartridges: 8
Capacity (native): 1.6 3.2 6.4TB
Capacity (compressed): 3.2 6.4 12.8TB
The new Tandberg StorageLoader™ LTO provides the highest storage density and most efficient cartridge loading of any LTO autoloader today. It´s the industry’s first 1U LTO Autoloader.

Advanced Features & Performance
The StorageLoader uses the Tandberg LTO tape drive. This LTO half-height drive offers the lowest power consumption (18W) of any LTO tape drive, its unique airflow design minimizes heat dissipation throughout the drive for greater reliability and increased MTBF. Tandberg's "smart gripper" technology securely locks the media leader
pit to help insure positive tape loading. These, and other, advanced features provide a highly reliable StorageLoader design.
Flexibility & Convenience
The Tandberg StorageLoader provides a unique cartridge load design with two 4-slot removable magazines storing a total of 8 data cartridges. Each magazine may be ejected through the LCD user interface and there is an emergency eject feature for the magazines in case of power failure. Convenient labeling of the eight data cartridges ( or 7 plus a cleaning cartridge) in two magazines provides labeled media and controlled storage for quick, convenient and ccurate off-site storage. To facilitate disaster recovery plans bulk loading and off-site storage are easily handled for increased security and convenience.
Total cost of ownership and minimum down time are designed into the StorageLoader construction. The tape drive, power supply and fans are all field replaceable without removing the autoloader from the rack. Due to this efficient design there´s no need for expensive onsite service contracts and/or the need to send the autoloader back to the factory if some malfunction occurs. With quality in mind, the StorageLoader’s metal construction provides an extremely robust and rugged solution for long term operation.
Best-in-Class Choice
The convenience and reduced administrative resources of an automated solution and a mid-range feature set at a budget-friendly cost makes the Tandberg StorageLoader LTO a "best-in-class” choice for small to medium businesses moving to automated backup from traditional standalone tape drives.

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